All-Tech Decorating Co. specializes in commercial, industrial, residential painting and specialty coating applications.

Don Steadman and Dave Helmer started Don and Dave’s Painting in 1977, operating out of a garage and box truck. Although the company had a modest beginning painting small residential projects, Don and Dave had a vision to venture into commercial painting. They utilized their trade knowledge and experience to become a respected, well known leader in the painting industry. In 1979 Don and Dave incorporated as All-Tech Decorating Company. Today All-Tech Decorating is one of the largest commercial union painting contractors in the Chicagoland area.

All-Tech Decorating Company has grown because of the direct collaboration amongst a trained workforce, knowledgeable project management and estimating team, dedicated support staff and a well managed shop. We have become a name synonymous with quality, reliability and safety. Utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry, All-Tech Decorating continues to improve the bidding process, field application methods and material selection to service our clients efficiently. In 2006, ATD expanded and established a national presence with the ATD Coatings Division. Today, All-Tech services clients throughout the United States.


  • Don Steadman

    Donald Steadman

    Owner, President

    Don attended St. Xavier University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in January of 1979. He oversees... Read More

  • Dave Helmer

    David Helmer

    Owner, Vice President

    Dave attended UICC while he spent his days in the field painting and his nights estimating. His strong personal and business values... Read More


  • Colette Forst

    Colette Forst

    Human Resources Director

  • Sara Soukup

    Sara Soukup

    Human Resources Assistant


  • Brittany Ekena

    Brittany Ekena

    Safety Director


  • Devin Cronin

    Devin Cronin

    Sales Manager


  • Bob Ruff

    Bob Ruff

    Project Manager Coatings Division

  • Jason Jones

    Jason Jones

    Project Manager

  • Dave Zajack

    Dave Zajack

    Project/Office Manager

  • Scott Valle

    Scott Valle

    Project Manager


  • Tim Stark

    Tim Stark

    Project Manager

  • Steve Popp

    Steve Popp

    Project Manager

  • Jessica Helmer

    Jessica Helmer

    Assistant Project Manager

  • Carl Corlew

    Carl Corlew

    Assistant Project Manager


  • Patrick Litoborski

    Patrick Litoborski


  • Jason Lopresti

    Jason Lopresti


  • Brad Wloszczynski

    Brad Wloszczynski



  • Michael Buralli

    Michael Buralli

    Assistant Project Manager

  • AJ Vandegraft

    AJ Vandegraft



  • Mike LeGood

    Mike LeGood

    General Superintendent


  • Craig Gluszek

    Craig Gluszek

    Field Superintendent

  • Gary Hillesheim

    Gary Hillesheim

    Field Superintendent



  • Bill Kirkham

    Bill Kirkham

    Field Superintendent

  • Ken Bergloff

    Ken Bergloff

    Field Superintendent

  • Tony Nugent

    Tony Nugent

    Field Superintendent


  • Patricia Green

    Patricia Green

    Executive Assistant


  • Dawn Gabry

    Dawn Gabry

    Sales Assistant

  • Eneida Vaquero

    Eneida Vaquero

    Accounts Payable Specialist


  • Gina Simester

    Gina Simester

    Project Administrator

  • Joie Salvador

    Joie Salvador

    Project Administrator

  • Eneida Vaquero

    Joyce Sarafin

    Project Administrator


  • John Green

    John Green



  • Larry Lauffer

    Larry Lauffer

    Shop Manager


  • Mike Frank

    Mike Frank


  • Dylan Kerrigan

    Dylan Kerrigan


  • Nick Tipre

    Nick Tipre




Our mission is to provide unparalleled value in the painting industry, driven by safety, exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.