20 Year Celebration!

February 11, 2019 | By: Sara Soukup

This week we hosted a surprise party in honor of 7 employees who have been with All-Tech for over 20 YEARS! The 7 employees (shown left to right with Owner/Vice President Dave Helmer in the middle: Craig Gluszek, Jim Wetter, Tom Sweeney, Ron Fasano, Rich Steadman, and Tom Mandernach) were told they had a safety orientation at the office that afternoon. Once they arrived, they were brought into the ATD conference room where office, shop, and field staff were waiting to surprise them! Each employee received a special edition ATD Carhartt jacket and a framed certificate to commemorate the milestone. Memories and laughs from all the years together were shared over the lunch that followed.

When asked for a few words about what has kept him with All-Tech for so many years, Field Superintendent, Craig Gluszek shared this: “One word…FAMILY! Here at ATD we have created an atmosphere to make everyone feel like we are family and part of a close-knit team. Throughout the years we have kept things UNITED. Bumps and bruises, hitting learning curves, developing our safety culture, and bringing in new faces for continued growth are part of what have built this great company. Don and Dave have set the standard and given us all the platform to succeed. It’s up to us to carry it through, which in turn makes us a step above the rest.”.

Tim Miller was not able to attend as he is currently working on a project located in Florida, but he was able to FaceTime and share the celebration! Many thanks go out to these veteran employees for their years of dedicated service!! We look forward to many, many more years together!!